The firm Giorgio Carnevale was founded at the end of last century at Fubine Monferrato by Domenico Carnevale, the present owner's grand father.

In the 1926 his son Delfino parted from his father's firm and moved to Cerro Tanaro.

With the collaboration of his family, his parents-inslaw and his wife, he bought the wine firm of Baron Giuseppe Quaglia, situated between the two villages of Cerro Tanaro and Rocchetta Tanaro at the foot the pleasant hills of Asti district, particulary suitable for growing Barbera, Grignolino, Moscato, Brachetto, Freisa grapes and not far from Alba Langhe.

He becames one of the best grapes zones connoisseurs: he chooses with wisdom, in relation with the characteristics, that from the land are transmitted to the wines.

In October 1953 the present owner Giorgio Carnevale began to run the firm. He had finished his studies at the Oenology Institute of Alba. He renewed the management system and enlarged and renewed the old cellars. He dedicated himself with competence and passion to the vinification and sale of vintage grapes and wines from the district. 

Noteworthy the "Vecchio Barbera della Roccheta" 1961, with it the firm Carnevale had great success and international prizes. His wines, distributed through restaurants and specialized stocks of vintage wines, are highly appreciated for their fine and typicality characteristics.

In 1986, Giorgio's son, the oenologist Alessandro, entered the firm continuing the family tradition. He, follows his Father and Grandfather's footsteps, holds and makes more frequent ten-year relationships with the senior Farmer and he tries to start new other in order to obtain good relations with land and improve the quality of his wines.

In particular, he partakes in vineyard management, giving direct advices to the farmers; all is done under the guidance of Mr. Nicola Argamante, agronomist, and Mr. Fabrizio Risso, agro-technician.